TCL x Andris Strazds

Music for TCL Vol. 1 sonically accompanies Latvia's exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023. Drawing inspiration from ambient music's transformative power, this collection pays homage to genre pioneers. Intended exclusively as background music for the exhibition, these compositions intertwine gentle melodies, ethereal harmonies, subtle rhythms, and samples from Muzak's nostalgic department store soundscapes. The resulting sonic landscape goes beyond mere stimulation, fostering contemplation and introspection. Visitors are invited to detach from expectations and embrace a sense of peaceful surrender.

All tracks composed, produced, performed and recorded by Andris Strazds (@lielasdevas).
Tracks mixed by Andis Ansons (Mute Studio, Riga, Latvia)

TCL x Tirkultura at Smilga

In anticipation of the much-awaited Latvian Pavilion's unveiling at the Architecture Biennale, an enthralling series of introduction gatherings took center stage at Riga's cultural gem, Smilga. These dynamic gatherings served as a captivating gateway for visitors, inviting them to deeply connect with the essence of the Latvian Pavilion's theme and vision.

Organized in collaboration with Tīrkultūra, a renowned cultural platform, each gathering boasted an electrifying atmosphere, where attendees could experience the convergence of architecture, art, and music. At the heart of these gatherings were talented DJs, handpicked to curate sets that perfectly complemented the narrative and design principles of the Latvian Pavilion.