More ideas. more ARCHITECTURE. more PRODUCTS

TCL brings together the 506 unique products from the last ten exhibitions of the Venice Architecture Biennale,from Latvia's first participation in NEXT (2002) to "How will we live together?" (2021). The Latvian pavilion, therefore, explores  relationship between the Biennale (the "supermarket") and the national pavilions (the "products").

The 506 choices are based on individual convictions and a sense of belonging, in other cases on the perceived characteristics and history of the product, or, again, on adherence to the product category or the desire to standout from the category in which the product is placed.

It's not the products that are important, but your decisions. The 506 choices are based on individual convictions and a sense of belonging. Confronting large number of ideas can be tiring, but what if making decisions could be fun?

employees of the month

Supermarket sorcerer

Ernests possesses an enchanting ability to conjure captivating concepts that breathe life into the pavilion. With a wizard-like command over diverse disciplines, he weaves together a magical tapestry of ideas, infusing the space with an irresistible charm and mesmerizing allure.

Culture Groover

Ints showcases an appreciation for cultural nuances. He crafts a design that resonates with the target audience, fostering a deep connection and a unique cultural identity. Ints's dedication to live experiences brings vibrancy and interaction to the pavilion, captivating visitors with artistic and cultural marvels.

Le curateur connoisseur

Uldis, the embodiment of refined taste and cultural finesse, curates an opulent tapestry of trends and artistic marvels within the pavilion. With an impeccable eye for the avant-garde, he sprinkles the space with the most captivating artistic experiences, inviting visitors to indulge their senses and immerse themselves in a world of cultural grandeur.

Store space mastermind

Toms is the maestro of spatial marvels. With a visionary spirit, he unveils a universe of innovative solutions that transcend the boundaries of conventional store design. Toms's architectural artistry molds the pavilion into a celestial realm of endless possibilities, where hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Project superstar

Austra is the shining star of project management, radiating a luminous aura of organizational mastery and unwavering dedication.Austra's strategic brilliance illuminates the path to success, transforming the pavilion into a beacon of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and unrivaled project excellence.

Promo prodigy

With an infectious enthusiasm, Kalvis crafts irresistible campaigns that set the supermarket ablaze with excitement, drawing customers like moths to a flame. Kalvis's digital wizardry create an online presence that buzzes with energy, engaging the target audience and transforming them into loyal fans of the supermarket's irresistible offerings.

Design diva

Karola is the embodiment of design perfection, infusing the supermarket with her artistic genius and attention to detail. With a touch of elegance she creates a visual feast for the eyes, where every corner tells a story. Karola's ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse design styles ensures that the supermarket resonates with a wide range of shoppers, leaving them in awe of her design prowess.

Sonic maestro

Andris creates immersive soundscapes that enhance the overall shopping ambiance. His carefully curated background music and sound effects create a pleasant and engaging auditory environment. Andris's mastery of sound design complements the supermarket's brand, adding a touch of magic to the atmosphere for an unforgettable shopping journey.

Production & assistance

Mārcis Benužs,
Solvita Bernande,
Reinis Lansmanis,
Markuss Brieze,
Jūlija Lazdiņa,
Katrīna Mediniece,
Kristaps Deičs,
Krists Ernstons,
Caterina Coroneo,
Jānis Kozinda

Commisioned by

Jānis Dripe


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