Marcos Novak

Behold! A bold experiment unfolds latent architectures in liquid space!

The Future Store: A Sensory Odyssey

In the laboratory of the future, the store transcends its traditional form, emerging as an immersive, multisensory experience that harmonizes global dialogue with local department-store content. Rooted in the rich history of markets as philosophical spaces, this innovative construct draws inspiration from the ancient agora, the medieval fair, the first department store, online shopping, and speculative extrapolations for the next century.

Allofuturisms: Crafting Inclusive Experiences

Crafted by both robot and human hands, Kurt Schwitters’ (com)merzbau advances into new centuries in new forms.This revolutionary store is informed by the evolving appreciation of qualia over quanta, with neuroscience and cognitive science shaping the way we live and interact with commercial spaces. Allofuturisms, futurisms of the extended other, extrapolations of afrofuturism, indigenous futurisms, Asian futurity, and other diverse perspectives, infuse the store's design with a spirit of inclusivity, justice, and freedom. 

Transarchitectures: Merging Realities

The store as an XR space, or transarchitecture, perforates the physical and digital realms, embracing liquid architectures that adapt to the ever-changing needs and desires of local communities to encounter but not dissolve into the global community. This novel approach empowers consumers to "travel" the world, indirectly participating in global events and engaging in a collective narrative that transcends borders without losing local character.

Sensory Immersion: The AI-Assisted Symphony

Sensory experiences are central to this new store as it evolves into a story about sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. AI and AGI, and their transmodal successors, play an essential role in orchestrating these sensory experiences, tailoring them to individual preferences and cultural backgrounds, while fostering a sense of shared human experience that exceeds all previous human experience.

Humanity's Marketplace: A Story of Space-Time

The department store becomes a story about space, people, and their place in the world. It reflects the history of markets and stores as philosophical spaces, alluding to the ancient agora as a meeting place for ideas and commerce, and foreshadowing the potential developments of the next 100 years. This narrative is enriched by the values of transmodernities, where tradition and innovation coexist, and the appreciation of qualia is not overshadowed by narrow mercantile aspects, but is enriched deep understandings of the thermodynamics of beauty.

Transmodernities: Embracing Heritages and Innovations

Drawing upon a generative outlook, within the critical framework of works such as Attali's "political economy of music," this store facilitates a world dialogue while maintaining the uniqueness of local content. It fosters a symbiotic relationship between diverse cultural expressions and technological advancements, paving the way for a transcultural global community.

Global Dialogue: A Symphony of Cultural Harmony

In conclusion, the store of the future is a vibrant fusion of past, present, and future, transcending traditional definitions and limitations. It embodies the confluence of transarchitectures, allofuturisms, and neuroscience, leveraging AI and AGI to foster shared connective experiences. As a synaptic testament to the evolution of values and the appreciation of qualia, this store recalibrates the very essence of what it means to engage with the world around us.